Choosing a Boise Short Sale Realtor

Choosing a Boise Short Sale Realtor to assist with your Boise Short Sale

“Oh, GREAT!” You are thinking. “Another article about short sales. REAL original, man.” Believe me, I know. You can hardly swing a dead realtor without knocking over a pile of short sale articles.

But, for whatever reason, I’m writing another one. Actually there’s a great reason, and I am going to be completely transparent and candid about it. I’m writing this article so that when you finish reading it your response will be, “this guy knows what he is talking about, and I am going to call him right now to represent me in short selling my home.”

Of course, I also want to give you complete and correct information. I’m sure you realize by now that people write internet articles as a form of advertising. So, first is the valuable information, and then the pitch.

You might qualify for a Boise short sale if you meet these circumstances:

1. Your home value is less than the mortgage balance. For example, you owe $150,000 but your home is now worth $120,000.

2. You have a legitimate financial hardship. Essentially, any change in your employment or income between the time that you originally got the loan and now can constitute a hardship.

3. You are willing to cooperate with the process. The short sale is fairly low impact on your day to day life. There is some paperwork to fill out and gathering some financial records, but mostly you just sit around and wait.

Ultimately, part of a Boise short sale is that you have to sell your house. This isn’t a loan mod, or an opportunity to keep your house with a lower principal balance. You have to find a qualified buyer who is comfortable waiting an unspecified amount of time to get the bank to approve the sale.

If you want to succeed with your Boise short sale, you really need someone to represent you. This is not because you are incapable of grasping the process. It is literally one of the items on the bank’s checklist. “Do you have your property listed for sale?” That’s where your Boise Realtor comes in. I suppose that it could be possible for a person to market their home For Sale By Owner, all by themselves, and get a short sale approved. But what’s the point? When the bank takes a discount, the seller is not allowed to make any money, so why would you want to do all the work if you can’t get paid?

How do you choose a good Boise Realtor to help with your short sale? I’ve narrowed it down to two basic criteria. 1. A good Realtor knows what they are doing. And I mean, they have a successful track record, not just an understanding of short sales from reading articles on the internet. And, 2. You have to feel comfortable with them. You want to feel like you are welcome to call at any time with a question, and actually be able to talk to someone. You want to know that you are a priority and your Boise short sale will be taken care of in a way that you understand and are very pleased with.

If you have any questions about how your specific situation might fit into the Boise short sale framework, please contact me. Or, if you know that you, or someone you know, is ready to get started on a short sale listing, lets get rolling.

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