Do you want to talk about short sales?

As a short sale real estate agent, I spend a lot of my day having the same conversation with people. It’s new to them, and it’s the first time they are hearing about it. For them it’s a huge relief to know what their options are and to put a game plan in place. Then, when I get to the end of the day, and I sit down and think I better write another marketing article for the blog, I draw a blank. What do people want to know about short sales? Some people who have to write a report for school may pretend to be interested in the ‘statistics’ of how many short sales are sold and what color the bathrooms were.

But to me the only information that matters is the specific information of telling a homeowner, here’s YOUR situation, and here is what WE can do to be actively involved in solving it. Keeping track of the regulatory stuff is important, but again, only as it can be used to explain the consequences of a short sale to a certain person. So, if you ask, I’d be glad to discuss your situation, but otherwise, I’m actually a little of going to take a break from talking about short sales and just enjoy a drink of water…

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