Boise Short Sale Help offers you 3 INCREDIBLE Guarantees.


1. “No Risk Meeting Guarantee”
We understand that people are hesitant to contact someone who might be just another sales person. Our initial conversation will be casual and no-pressure. In order to be successful it is critical to work with someone you like and trust. If after our first conversation you aren’t comfortable with anything we’ve said, just say, “No, thanks.”

2. “No Worries Listing Guarantee”
We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on our listings. If at any time you feel like we are not handling your short sale to your complete satisfaction, just let us know and you are free to go.

3. “30-day Offer Guarantee”
The cornerstone of a successful short sale negotiation is getting an offer in quickly enough for the bank to start the review process. When you list your home with us, we will guarantee that if you don’t have an offer on your home after being listed for 30 days, we will make an offer ourselves. We have purchased over 125 homes, and are always glad to provide this valuable service to our clients.

Contact us today to get started on your Short Sale.