Boise Short Sale Help

Do you have a house problem?

After the market changes the last few years, many homeowners find that their house is now worth less than the mortgage balance. If you still have the same job and the same budget and expenses, the value of your home won’t affect your immediate lifestyle. BUT, if you have lost income or had any other change in your finances or family situation, you have a decision to make…

You have four concrete options

1. You can continue paying the mortgage and stay living there.
2. You can stop paying the mortgage and wait until the bank forecloses.
3. Under certain circumstances you can renegotiate the monthly payment with your bank.
4. You can work directly with the bank and get the house sold for market value, no matter what you currently owe.

Doing nothing might feel like an option, but it is essentially the same as choosing foreclosure.

Who can you trust?

You will probably receive a bunch of letters from other Realtors® or investors offering to help you sell your home. How can you make the best choice? I believe you need to work with a real estate agent who has two critical traits.
1. They know what they are doing.
2. You feel comfortable with them.

I wrote the book on Short Sales. Literally.

Over the past eight years I have bought and sold over 125 houses as an investor. I have negotiated hundreds of short sales to help people avoid foreclosure. I wrote a Short Sale training course and delivered seminars to thousands of investors and Realtors® nationwide. As a seasoned investor as well as a licensed Realtor®, I can answer all your questions about short sales and give you complete understanding of the process and your possible outcomes.

How much will this cost?

If you are like me, you are probably on guard around sales people. Rest easy, friend. You don’t have to pay me. Ever. At all. For reals. When we are successful with your short sale, the bank will pay me a commission for putting the transaction together.  I only get paid on the day that I finish helping you. You make no payment up front or ever.

What my last clients said…

“We’d like to say thank you for all that you’ve done for us but it just doesn’t seem to do you justice. You’ve been more than what we expected and wish you the best in future sales.”

– Brandon & Brigetta Grow

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